Allied Technology Group understand the needs that the Technology Industry is facing with and recognize the unique opportunity to fulfill all the needs. We believe that the Technology market is in its growth stage and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully comply with this evolvement.

Executive Summary

A young and thriving company, Allied Technology Group was founded as a quest to contribute our passion for technology to a business society increasingly needing it.

We understand the complexity proper to the technology industry and envision easier ways to make it happen for you. When you succeed, we celebrate.

And, because we are all about high-tech evolution and getting you there with us, we believe we are the strongest suitor in the market when it comes to results.

We will work with you in taking your company to a higher —and faster— level. Our staff and services can enhance yours in as many areas as:

  • Corporate Strategic Planning
    • Mapping new business opportunities
    • Designing new business solutions
    • Defining new business trends
    • Calculating real competitive-edge needs
  • Down-to-Earth IT Management
    • Simplifying current structural organization
    • Reducing organization downtime
    • Assessing actual vs potential cost-effectiveness
    • Streamlining budgets per department
    • Implementing new technologies and programs
  • Find-Your-Way IS Management
    • Maximizing the structural flow of information
    • Implementing and handling automated processes
    • Analysis of cost-effective implementations
    • Streamlining budgets per department
    • Handling new technologies, from concept to implementation
    • Project Management technology and services
    • Project Plan Completion consulting
  • Network Planning, Deployment & Management
    • All services on MPLS Network
    • From Client to Cloud Encryption Services
    • -with Security FW on all network infrastructure and deployment on client premises as part of our management service.
    • All service on Wireless Network

Our unique ability to perform and our successful track record in the Technology area make us a desirable partner. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with You.

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